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Fluorine in Peptides

The incorporation of fluorinated amino acids into proteins and peptides is a strategy which has been conducted by several groups in an attempt to modify and improve the pharmacokinetic properties of these molecules.  One of these groups is the Marsh … Continue reading

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Fluorous in Sustainable Heterocycle Synthesis

A new review article, “More Sustainable Approaches for the Synthesis of N-Based Heterocycles” includes examples of fluorous tags and solvents.  The article is arranged by heterocycle skeleton and presents solvent-free transformations, aqueous reactions, PEG, and ionic liquid work, in addition to … Continue reading

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Mitsunobu reaction

One of the most popular applications of fluorous chemistry has been in Mitsunobu reactions.  Almost everyone who has done some small molecule synthetic chemistry has conducted a Mitsunobu reaction at one time or another, since it’s a great reaction for … Continue reading

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Proteomics Review

Many of the readers of F-Blog may not be familiar with field of proteomics, since we have a tendency to be more chemistry-centric, but it’s a fascinating area and fast moving area of research.  Just available online is a short … Continue reading

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Fluorous Lewis acids and phase transfer catalysis

That’s the title of a recent review published in the journal Molecular Diversity.  The review covers in good detail all of the work conducted using fluorous Lewis acids, primarily metal perfluorosulfonates  such as Yb(OSO2C8F17)3, in catalyzing various reactions.  Basically, any … Continue reading

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