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Fluorous Olefin Metathesis Catalyst

All the fluorines contained in a fluorous domain results in a highly electron withdrawing substituent which needs to insulated from the rest of the molecule.  Hence the insertion of an ethylene or propylene chain.  This results in tags, scavengers, and … Continue reading

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Fluorous Brassinosteroids

For a while now, medicinal chemists have incorporated fluorine into their molecules in order to impart desirable properties such as metabolic stability or increased lipophilicity.   More recently, the effects of longer fluorous chains have also been studied.  In a paper … Continue reading

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Jasplakinolide total synthesis

A newly available article in Chemical Communications from Waldmann and co-workers describes the synthesis of jasplakanolide by solid-phase synthesis and ring-closing metathesis.  The paper has been designated a “Hot Article” by the editors of Chem. Comm.  The article struck my … Continue reading

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Olefin Metathesis and Fluorous Linkers

Prof Adam Nelson at the University of Leeds has published several very interesting papers using fluorous linkers in cascade olefin metathesis reactions.  The first which we wrote about was the use of a “traceless” fluorous tag in cascade olefin metathesis … Continue reading

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More Fluorous Diversity-Oriented Synthesis

Not too long ago F-Blog published a post describing some of the work of Prof. Adam Nelson’s group at the University of Leeds using fluorous tags in cascade olefin metathesis reactions. The reactions described in that report built a number … Continue reading

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