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Direct Analysis in Real Time(DART) MS

Over the last 10-15 years mass spectrometry has changed dramatically as new ionization methods have been developed.  The number of acronyms describing ionization methods for MS is getting quite large; CI, ESI, FAB, DIOS, APCI, MALDI, NIMS, etc.  This has … Continue reading

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Fluorous Tags and Mass Spectroscopy

The Liu group at the University of North Carolina has been using fluorous tags in the chemoenzymatic synthesis of heparan sulfate, an important oligosaccharide which has been implicated in a variety of biological processes.  The function and effect of heparan … Continue reading

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Upon Further Review

Over the past month or two several reviews have been published which mention or have fluorous sections within them.  None of these reviews are dedicated to fluorous techniques, but rather to other topics where fluorous methods are just a part. … Continue reading

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Glycan Arrays with Direct MS Readout

Immobilization of fluorous tagged molecules onto a fluorous surface has been conducted by several groups for the formation of microarrays.  Generally the surface has been a fluorous modified glass slide.  Solutions containing the fluorous tagged probe are spotted on the … Continue reading

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Glycosphingolipid Analysis using Fluorous Tags

Glycosphingolipids (GSLs) are an important class of molecules which have been associated with several cellular functions including antigen activity, cell adhesion, and signal transduction.  As the name suggests these molecules consist of a glycan portion and a lipid portion.  Study … Continue reading

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