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Radioiodination Chemistry in Bioconjugation

Now available online in Bioconjugate Chemistry is a paper from Gifford et al describing the use the polymer-supported stannane as a precursor to I-125 metabenzoic acid and its NHS ester.  These compounds can then be used to conjugate to peptides, … Continue reading

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More Fluorous Isotope Chemistry

Right on the heels of our September 2010 Technical Newsletter that highlighted the use of fluorous techniques in isotope chemistry comes a US Patent Application from GE Healthcare claiming the use of perfluoro-aryliodonium salts for the preparation of 18F aromatics. … Continue reading

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Isotope Chemistry Newsletter

The September issue of our Fluorous Technical Newsletter covers the broad spectrum of fluorous techniques used in isotope chemistry.  Fast, effective solution phase fluorous separations accelerate synthesis and purification in time sensitive applications.  Read more about how fluorous can improve … Continue reading

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Fluorous in 18F Substitution

About one year ago, a report from the Gouverneur lab in Oxford reported the use of fluorous sulfonates as precursors to 18F imaging agents.  Nucleophilic displacement of the fluorous sulfonate by 18F anion provided the desired compounds as shown below.  … Continue reading

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Fluorous tagged Carbohydrate for Liver Imaging

In the last year, they’re have been several papers using fluorous tags and methods in either the synthesis and purification of radioimaging agents, as an integral part of the imaging agent, or both. These include the production of 18F agents … Continue reading

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