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Using Fluorous Tags to Mass Differentiate Stereospecific Reactions

Trent Northen and co-workers have been using fluorous immobilization in conjunction with nanostructure initiated mass spec (NIMS) in a number of different applications.  Dr. Northen was one of the inventors of NIMS while working in Gary Siuzdak’s labs at The … Continue reading

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Orthogonal Fluorous Mixture Synthesis (FMS)

University of Pittsburgh Professor and Fluorous Technologies, Inc. founder, Dennis Curran, has over the last several years dedicated a good portion of his research to fluorous mixture synthesis (FMS).  In FMS, libraries or isomers of compounds can be made in … Continue reading

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NMR Analysis of Natural Products with Multiple Stereocenters

Over the last several years, Prof. Dennis Curran’s group has been synthesizing various natural products with multiple stereocenters using fluorous mixture synthesis (FMS).  Many of these natural products have been ones with stereocenters distal from each other.  What Prof. Curran … Continue reading

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Fluorous Mixture Synthesis of Cucurbitosides

In 2008 the Takeuchi group at Niigata University reported the total synthesis of cucurbitoside A, one of a series partially acylated phenolic glycosides.  The cucurbitosides are found in the seeds of squashes and pumpkins of the genus Cucurbita.  Water extracts … Continue reading

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Macrocycle Formation using Fluorous Methods

Macrocyclic compounds are some of the most interesting compounds known, both in terms of biological function and synthetic challenge.  The best known macrocyclic compounds are probably the macrocyclic antibiotics like erythromycin and vancomycin, but other molecules such as the taxenes … Continue reading

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