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Fluorous Scavenging in Metabolomics

In proteomics and metabolomics applications sensitivity is highly important since many of the most interesting proteins and metabolites are present in low concentrations.  In addition, some metabolites such as carboxylic acids do not contain functionality which is fluorescent or highly … Continue reading

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Fluorescent Fluorous Emulsions

An interesting Early View paper in Angewandte Chemie from the Swager group at MIT describes the fluorous biphasic synthesis of fluorescent poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)s (PPE’s).  Highly conjugated polymers such as PPE’s have interesting fluorescence characteristics and the authors believed that the addition … Continue reading

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Fluorous Labeling of Native Fluorescent Compounds

Researchers at the Fukuoka University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences recently published a paper titled, “Separation-Oriented Dervitization of Native Fluorescent Compounds through Fluorous Labeling Followed by Liquid Chromatography with Fluorous-Phase“. Essentially, they coupled a fluorous amine with some common NSAID carboxylic … Continue reading

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Fluorescence tagging using fluorous-trap fluorogenic reagents

Fluorescent labelling of bioactive materials or other chemicals is a pretty straight forward technique. However, the removal of excess fluorescent reagent from the product is often found to be challenging especially when dealing with highly sensitive detection of analytes. When the … Continue reading

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