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Fluorous Photoaffinity Labeling

Photoaffinity labeling reagents is a valuable way by which to study the interactions between two molecular entities.  Often times this is a ligand and it’s receptor.  The strategy is to attach the photolabel to a ligand, incubate with it’s binding … Continue reading

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Fluorous Derivatization for Quantification of Drugs in Human Plasma

Researchers at Fukuoka University have over the past two years published a series of papers describing their work using fluorous methods for detection of various metabolites, both endogeneous and exogenous, from biological fluids.  One of the papers was to use … Continue reading

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Fluorous Enrichment for PTM Detection

One of the challenges in proteomics is the detection and quantitation of low level peptide species.  Often times these are specific posttranslational modifications (PTMs) of proteins which are present only in small amounts but can have big biological effects.  As … Continue reading

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Fluorous Proteomics: Amine Tagging

Since the introduction of fluorous techniques in protoemics in 2005 by Eric Peters and co-workers at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, several groups have used fluorous methods for the enrichment of specific peptide subsets.  Fluorous methods represent … Continue reading

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Glycosphingolipid Analysis using Fluorous Tags

Glycosphingolipids (GSLs) are an important class of molecules which have been associated with several cellular functions including antigen activity, cell adhesion, and signal transduction.  As the name suggests these molecules consist of a glycan portion and a lipid portion.  Study … Continue reading

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