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Combinatorial Libraries: Where to?

The earliest envisioned applications of any technology are not always the ones that end up being the most powerful or popular application.  A good example would be RFID tags, the predecessor of which developed in 1945 in the USSR as … Continue reading

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Multi-Component Reactions Using Fluorous tags

An J. Combi. Chem. ASAP paper from the Center for Chemical Methodologies and Library Design at the University of Pittsburgh describes the synthesis of a 90-member fused piperazinedione library.  The key first step in the synthesis is a multi-component reaction … Continue reading

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Combinatorial Chemistry: A Status Report

As anyone who has followed trends in chemistry and in the pharma industry knows, combinatorial chemistry was all the rage in the 90′s. In general, combichem is the synthesis and purification of large numbers of compounds simultaneously to produce sets, … Continue reading

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J. Combinatorial Chemistry 2006 Review

The Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry every year publishes a survey of combinatorial techniques and libraries that were disclosed in the literature from the previous year. This year’s review covering 2006 is now available online. This is the 10th installment and … Continue reading

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Best Industrial Poster awarded to Fluorous Technologies at the Combichem Gordon Research Conference

At the recent Combichem Gordon Research Conference, Fluorous Technologies Inc. scientist Wei Zhang presented two posters about fluorous technology. One of these posters, “Fluorous Multicomponent Reactions”, was cited as the Best Industrial Poster. Congratulations, Wei.

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