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Fluorous and Non-Fluorous Chemistry(continued)

The last couple of posts were about the use of hydrophobic surfaces produced by treating gold surfaces with alkanethiols.  One of the main themes in those posts was the nature and conformational structure of perfluoroalkyl domains vs. hydrocarbon chains.  Continuing … Continue reading

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Fluorous Solid-Phase Supported Catalysis

The previous post was centered around a new publication from Alison Stuart’s group describing a new fluorous Pd pincer catalyst for Heck reactions.  The catalyst was recovered by fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE) and recycled over several runs.  Mentioned in … Continue reading

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Fluorous Triazole Catalysis

The first incarnation of fluorous tagging, separation, and recovery was in catalysis.  In general, ligands which are used in metal catalyzed reactions are fluorous tagged, complexed to the appropriate metal, then used as catalysts for the reaction.  The ligands and/or … Continue reading

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Perfluoro-tagged palladium nanoparticles

A recent communication in Org. Biomol. Chem. by Prof. Cacchi and coworkers describes new perfluoro-tagged palladim nanoparticles for alkynylation of aryl halides.  They initially prepared perfluoro-tagged palladium nanoparticles supported on fluorous silica gel (Pdnp-A/FSG), and tested the catalyst in alkynylation … Continue reading

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Perfluoroalkane-tagged chiral auxiliary – application to stereoselective synthesis of a beta-amino acid building block

The advantage of tagging organic compounds or biomolecules with perfluoroalkane groups has led to the publication of several research articles by many. Extending this to the chiral auxillaries is no exception. Several such fluorous oxazolidinone based chiral auxillaries have been … Continue reading

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