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Fluorous Chemistry in Microfluidics

A just published critical review in Chem. Soc. Rev. from Noël and Buchwald is entitled “Cross-coupling in flow” and highlights metal catalyzed cross coupling reactions in microfluidics.  As the authors note, most cross-coupling reactions have been run primarily in batch … Continue reading

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Fluorous Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Carbohydrates

At F-Blog we like to provide the latest information regarding everything fluorous, including pointing out new items from the peer-reviewed literature as they appear.  We do our best to routinely scan the literature for relevant publications.  Occassionally though we miss … Continue reading

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Fluorous tagged Carbohydrate for Liver Imaging

In the last year, they’re have been several papers using fluorous tags and methods in either the synthesis and purification of radioimaging agents, as an integral part of the imaging agent, or both. These include the production of 18F agents … Continue reading

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New Fluorous Protecting Group for Carbohydrate Synthesis

Protecting group chemistry is of vital importance in synthetic chemistry to ensure that reactions occur where and when you want during a synthesis.  The more functionality a target molecules has, the more protecting groups are needed.  The more protecting groups … Continue reading

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Carbohydrate Synthesis using Fluorous Tags and Separations

Over the last several years, fluorous methods in oligosaccharide chemistry has probably been one of the more active areas of fluorous chemistry with various strategies being employed.  (Visit our website for a fuller explanation of methods to biomolecule synthesis.) These … Continue reading

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