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Organocatalyst Recovery by FSPE

Fluorous tagged organocatalysts have been used by several groups to facilitate the removal, recovery, and reuse of these important class of catalysts from post reaction mixtures.  For previous F-Blog posts regarding organocatalysts, please click here.  The Miura group at Gifu … Continue reading

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Handbook of Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysis

One of the newest additions to Wiley’s “Handbook” series is the “Handbook of Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysis” that includes a chapter on asymmetric fluorous catalysis written by Prof. Gianluca Pozzi of the CNR-Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Molecolari in Milan, Italy.  … Continue reading

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Asymmetric Cyclopropanation

Earlier this month, we published a post describing some of Prof. Ryu’s work using fluorous phase vanishing reactions in cyclopropanations.  Now we’d like to summarize a recent Tetrahedron Letters report from Prof. Nobuyuki Imai in Chiba, Japan which also uses … Continue reading

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Asymmetric Reduction of Imines using Supported Organocatalysts

Profs. Malkov and Kocovsky at the University of Glasgow have just recently published their work in the asymmetric reduction of imines by trichlorosilane in the presence of polymer-supported organocatalysts as a J. Org. Chem ASAP paper. This paper is the … Continue reading

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Fluorous chiral 1,2-aminoalcohols in diethylzinc additions

Chiral aminoalcohols have been used extensively as building blocks in natural products synthesis, precursors to chiral auxiliaries like oxazolidinones, and as ligands for asymmetric catalysis. Given their importance it’s not surprising that there are numerous methods for the synthesis of … Continue reading

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