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NIMS and Nimzyme

In 2007, Prof. Gary Siuzdak and co-workers at The Scripps Research Institute introduced Nanostructure-Initiator mass spectrometry(NIMS) as a new surface-based mass analysis method. Just available online is a Analytical Chemistry “Feature” on NIMS describing its attributes, capabilities, and applications, primarily in … Continue reading

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Microextraction and Analysis of PFC’s from Biota

Due to the environmental prevalence and potential harm of some perfluorocarbons (PFC’s), primarily perfluoro carboxylic acids and perfluoro sulfonic acids, the quantitation of these compounds in environmental and biological samples is an active area of research.  A recent example of … Continue reading

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Fluorescence tagging using fluorous-trap fluorogenic reagents

Fluorescent labelling of bioactive materials or other chemicals is a pretty straight forward technique. However, the removal of excess fluorescent reagent from the product is often found to be challenging especially when dealing with highly sensitive detection of analytes. When the … Continue reading

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