End of an Era: Fluorous Technologies Ceases Operations

Dear Friends of Fluorous Chemistry and Valued Customers of Fluorous Technologies:

The stockholders of Fluorous Technologies approved a plan to permanently close the business and begin a liquidation process. While we had hoped for a better long term outcome, all of us at FTI agree this is the appropriate action at this time.

Thank you, one and all, for your tremendous support and interactions over the past 12 years.

We know many of you would like to continue to purchase fluorous products, and discussions are underway with other potential providers. In the meantime, please note that FTI is STILL TAKING ORDERS for materials currently in stock. We have updated our contact information to the following:

E-mail:    fluoroustech@gmail.com
Voicemail: 267-225-5384 (267-CALLFTI)

All knowledge-based assets of the company are available for purchase as part of the liquidation process, including trade secrets (production procedures, general fluorous know-how), intellectual property (FTI-assigned patents) and brand assets (trademarks, website, etc.). Please do reach out if you have an interest.

Finally, we’d like to take one last moment to highlight and thank our customers, the fluorous community, our partners and numerous dedicated employees.

Success with Fluorous

Hundreds of scientists from a broad spectrum of organizations purchased and successfully used FluoroFlash products.  All of our customers contributed to the validation and expansion of the technology.  Because of this extensive “in the lab” testing, we can confidently claim that fluorous separations deliver as promised in diverse research applications, from synthesis of small molecules to creation of microarrays for life science studies.

Notable Work

While we could not possibly list everyone who made contributions to the fluorous community over the past decade plus, the following customers and their coworkers went above and beyond to develop innovative new uses for fluorous technology.

Craig Lindsley provided one of the first external validations of the technology for small molecule synthesis in the paper, “Fluorous-tethered amine bases for organic and parallel synthesis: scope and limitations”  doi:10.1016/S0040-4039(02)01399-0

John Valliant developed “A New Strategy for Preparing Molecular Imaging and Therapy Agents Using Fluorine-Rich (Fluorous) Soluble Supports” doi:10.1021/ja0600375

The Curran Group employed fluorous mixture synthesis for natural product stereoisomer determination as exemplified in the paper, “A ‘Shortcut’ Mosher Ester Method To Assign Configurations of Stereocenters in Nearly Symmetric Environments. Fluorous Mixture Synthesis and Structure Assignment of Petrocortyne A” doi:10.1021/ja900849f

Eric Peters was the first to adapt fluorous separation techniques to proteomics applications in the paper, “Enrichment and analysis of peptide subsets using fluorous affinity tags and mass spectrometry” doi:10.1038/nbt1076

Nicola Pohl created “Fluorous-Based Carbohydrate Microarrays” as a first step towards a fluorous toolkit for glycomics.  doi:10.1021/ja054811k

Will Pearson developed methods for “Fluorous Affinity Purification of Oligonucleotides” doi:10.1021/jo050795y

Arturo Vegas at the Broad Institute created and validated “Fluorous-Based Small-Molecule Microarrays for the Discovery of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors” doi:10.1002/anie.200703198

Ongoing Resources for Customer Support

The fluorous.com website will remain available as a resource to the fluorous community for the forseeable future, but that status may not last forever. To help ensure that all the valuable technical information we gathered, composed and organized over the past decade will live on, we have made arrangements for static copies of selected website pages, F-Blog, and Technical Newsletters to be freely available in our public ftp folder.

The Technology and Application pages from our website, as well as all Technical Application Notes, a 3 MB pdf file, can be downloaded at: ftp://fluorous.com/FLUOROUS_Technology_and_Applications.pdf

The F-Blog Archive, a 9 MB pdf file, can be downloaded at: ftp://fluorous.com/FBlog_Archive.pdf

The Fluorous Technical News Archive, a 4 MB pdf file, can be downloaded at: ftp://fluorous.com/FluorousNews_Archive.pdf

Take a moment to browse through and download the documents at ftp://fluorous.com as well as those found through our Presentations and Application Notes webpages.  There is a great deal of high quality work presented in these files.

Ongoing Product Distribution Channels

For immediate sale of our in-stock product inventory, please contact us at fluoroustech@gmail.com.  Additionally, you may want to contact the following distributors of fluorous products:

Sigma Aldrich continues to distribute select FluoroFlash products.  Visit their fluorous chemistry portal for more information.

Berry & Associates offers products for Fluorous Purification of Oligonucleotides.  Please see their website http://www.berryassoc.com/fluorous.asp for further details.

Evolution of Fluorous

The field of fluorous technology has a rich past to draw from and a bright future ahead.  As our operations draw to a close, we’d like to bring attention to the work done by the greater fluorous scientific community.


Since we started tracking the scientific literature, over ten thousand papers relating to fluorous chemistry have been published.  You can download our master reference database, a 4.3 MB EndNote file, at: ftp://fluorous.com/Fluorous_references.enl.  We reviewed many of these papers as they were published here on our scientific blog, F-blog.

The following publications are comprehensive and useful compilations of fluorous technology:

A Fluorous Symposium in Print was published by Tetrahedron in 2002.

The Handbook of Fluorous Chemistry was published in 2004, edited by John Gladysz, Dennis P. Curran, and Istvan Horvath.

A special issue of QSAR & Combinatorial Science dedicated to fluorous chemistry was published in 2006.


Fluorous Technologies Inc. was a proud sponsor of (and participant in) the International Symposium on Fluorous Technology (ISoFT).  The next edition, ISoFT’13, will take place in Budapest, Hungary in June 2013.  Learn more about this important and thought-provoking conference at http://www.isoft13.mke.org.hu/

Those looking to keep abreast of fluorous technology as it moves forward should connect with ISoFT and its leaders.

ISoFT conference chairs:

Jean-Marc Vincent, Chair of the inaugural ISoFT held in 2005 in Bordeaux, France
Ilhyong Ryu, ISoFT’07 in Yokohama, Japan
Dennis P. Curran, ISoFT’09 in Jackson Hole, USA
István T. Horváth, ISoFT’11 in Hong Kong, China
József Rábai, ISoFT’13 to be held in Budapest, Hungary

International Advisory Board of ISoFTs:

Dennis P. Curran, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Richard H. Fish, LBNL Berkeley, USA
John A. Gladysz, Texas A&M University, USA
Kenichi Hatanaka, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Eric G. Hope, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
István T. Horváth, City University of Hong Kong, China
Pierangelo Metrangolo, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Nicola L Pohl, Iowa State University, USA
Ilhyong Ryu, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Jean-Marc Vincent, University of Bordeaux, France (Permanent Secretary of ISoFTs)

The Future

The life science market clearly sees the utility of fluorous techniques and has expressed a defined interest in fluorous products. There is an enthusiastic and dedicated user base in place that would no doubt embrace a new source for fluorous materials. An opportunity exists, and I challenge someone or some entity to rise to the need in the marketplace.

Thanks to Fluorous Employees

The working atmosphere at Fluorous is mostly that: working — with chemists scribbling notes on the translucent fronts of the lab’s fume hoods and white lab coats representing the height of fashion. But the culture at the startup firm is young and fun, tinged with the satisfaction that comes with knowing their work could help millions of people.

- from a 2002 article about Fluorous Technologies Inc.

Thirty-two people worked at FTI over the years, creating and building a commercial enterprise from the ground up.

Through a collective effort, the company was able to secure and execute more than a dozen research grants, primarily through the SBIR process; produce hundreds of high quality batches in support of a 200+ product catalog; participate in numerous trade shows, economic development programs, and scientific conferences; publish dozens of technical application notes with details on product usage, tips and techniques; chronicle and promote the fluorous field in real-time through a scientific blog; and support our customers to the best of our ability.  Each employee of Fluorous Technologies made all of this possible through their creativity, passion, and dedication.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our company founder Dennis Curran as well as all fluorous colleagues, past and present, with best wishes for future success.


Philip E. Yeske
President and CEO
Fluorous Technologies Inc.

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  1. 840fman says:

    WTF why?

  2. Will Pearson says:

    Phil, it was great working with you on the oligonucleotide-tagging project. I’m sad to see FTI go; it was a great combination of beautiful technology and great people. I wish you and the gang at FTI the very best in whatever you tackle next.