Fluorous Technologies, Inc. Newsletter: Small Molecule Synthesis

This morning FTI launched our May 2011 Technical Newsletter whose theme is fluorous techniques in small molecule synthesis.  The Technical Newsletter is distributed by email about every six weeks or so and is designed to complement F-Blog.  While F-Blog highlights items of interest primarily as they occur, the Technical Newsletters  have a central theme and provide short overviews of three or four accounts which exemplify that theme.  Included within the Newsletter are links to the original literature, F-Blog posts, and related webpages allowing the reader to explore matters of interest more fully.

The May 2011 Newsletter, for example, is organized in a fashion similar to our website.  With small molecule synthesis as it’s main focus, there are notes covering the three main areas that fluorous techniques are used; library synthesis and tagging, reagents and scavengers, and fluorous mixture synthesis (FMS).  In addition we have also provided a short description of kits that we provide to help you get started in fluorous small molecule synthesis.

If you don’t have the Newsletter emailed to you, they are all accessible through the News page of our website.  If you would like it emailed to you directly as they are published, please enter your email in the box on the left hand side of the News page.  You’ll then receive an email asking for confirmation.  After confirming that you want delivery, it’ll be in your inbox from now on.  (And don’t worry, the Technical Newsletter is the only thing you’ll get from us and we don’t share your address with any third parties.)

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