February 2011 Technical Newsletter

This morning we launched the February 2011 Fluorous Technologies Technical Newsletter.  Within this issue we highlighted four 2011 scientific meetings which we feel might of interest to those interested in fluorous methods, but also cover some of the broader areas where fluorous techniques have been applied.  Those conferences are the upcoming Spring American Chemical Society Meeting, the American Society of Mass Spectrometry Meeting, the Gordon Research Conference Carbohydrates meeting, and the International Symposium on Fluorous Technologies.  Within those four meetings than are chemistry, analytical and bioanalytical , carbohydrates, and fluorous applications, so they provide a nice sampling.  The Newsletter highights a few of the presentation at the ACS Meeting which use fluorous methods.  As the other meetings approach we’ll point out interesting presentations through F-Blog.

F-Blog and the Technical Newsletter are complementary outlets by which we try and keep the fluorous community informed on the latest happenings.  We encourage you to subscribe to both.  You can get F-Blog through a RSS or other reader and the Technical Newsletter through an electronic subscription (free!).  Just go the Newsletter page and submit your email address in the box on the left hand side.  You’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription.  That’s it.  You’ll start automatically receiving the Newsletter every time we publish one.

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