January 2011 Fluorous Technologies Newsletter

This morning we launched the January 2011 issue of our Technical Newsletter.  As in previous years the first Newsletter of the year tries to predict some of the emerging application areas of fluorous techniques.  The February 2010 Newsletter highlighted radiopharmaceutical and isotope chemistry, fluorous based proteomics, and custom oligosaccharide synthesis as areas in which we envisioned fluorous technologies making an impact.

While 2011 should see continued progress in those areas, we’ve highlighted three new research realms which we feel should be poised for major advancements using fluorous materials and methods; glycomics, organocatalysts, and nanoparticles.  Research in each of these areas taking advantage of the unique phase and separation properties of fluorous techniques has already been published laying the groundwork for more innovation.

In addition the International Symposium on Fluorous Technologies 2011 (ISoFT ’11) is spotlighted.  Held every two years ISoFT is the only conference dedicated exclusively to all areas of fluorous research.  ISoFT ’11 will take place Nov 30-Dec 2 at the City University of Hong Kong and will be a great opportunity for researchers to present their work and learn about others.  Conferences are always great places to find and provide inspiration and ideas and we encourage you to participate.  Throughout the year we will be communicating important dates and deadlines around ISoFT ’11.

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