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Fluorous Supported Synthesis of Teichoic Acid Fragments

Oligonucleotides, proteins, peptides, and carbohydrates are the best known biopolymers and one doesn’t have to explain how important each is to a number of biological functions.  The synthesis of these materials, or segments of them, are important in order to … Continue reading

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Automated Synthesis of Oligosaccharides

The automated synthesis of oligosachharides is a topic that we’ve devoted quite a bit of time on here at F-Blog.  This is largely due to the efforts of Prof. Nicola Pohl’s group who have pioneered the use of fluorous tags … Continue reading

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PTFE Immobilization of Fluorous Tagged Oligosaccharides

A very interesting paper with Prof. Mamoru Mizuno as the corresponding author is now available as an accepted manuscript in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters.  The work presented is the recognition of influenza virus by oligosaccharides immobilized on a polytetrafluoroethylene … Continue reading

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Fluorous Surrogates for Methylated DNA

One of the most active areas of research in biology and chemical biology is in epigenetics which is the study of changes in gene expression through mechanisms other than a change in the gene sequence.  These can occur either through … Continue reading

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Fluorous Protecting Groups in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

The regular reader of F-Blog will know that the fluorous-assisted synthesis of oligosaccharides is one of the best applications of fluorous techniques.  Fluorous tags and separations, primarily fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE), have been used in a number of different … Continue reading

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