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Fluorinated Amino Acids Probe Peptide-Membrane Interactions

In a recent Biochemistry article, the Marsh group at the University of Michigan continues their work with fluorinated antimicrobial peptides (doi: 10.1021/bi100605e).  Though these fluorines are not used in fluorous separations, we’ve enjoyed following the group’s work here in F-Blog … Continue reading

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Fluorinated Amino Acid Synthesis

The use of fluorinated amino acids to modulate peptide and protein structure has become more prevalent  in recent years.  The replacement of hydrophobic amino acid residues with fluorous amino acids has provided peptides with clear differences to the native peptide … Continue reading

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Fluorous Peptide Microarrays

Microarrays which are formed through fluorous immobilization of probes have been reported in the literature for small molecules and carbohydrates.  At ISoFT ’09, we reported the synthesis, purification, and immobilization of fluorous tagged peptides.  This work, conducted jointly by scientists … Continue reading

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Polyamide Synthesis

A recent Organic Letters communication from Burley et al describes the synthesis of imidazole and pyrrole containing polyamides, such as the one pictured below.  These polyamides, also known as lexitropsins, are capable of binding within the minor groove of DNA … Continue reading

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Fluorine in Peptides

The incorporation of fluorinated amino acids into proteins and peptides is a strategy which has been conducted by several groups in an attempt to modify and improve the pharmacokinetic properties of these molecules.  One of these groups is the Marsh … Continue reading

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