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Fluorous Protecting Groups in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

The regular reader of F-Blog will know that the fluorous-assisted synthesis of oligosaccharides is one of the best applications of fluorous techniques.  Fluorous tags and separations, primarily fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE), have been used in a number of different … Continue reading

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Fluorous Derivatization for Analysis of Biogenic Amines

Researchers at Fukuoka University have been employing fluorous derivatization extensively for the detection and analysis of specific classes of compounds from biological samples.  To date they’ve used several techniques including tagging and scavenging and enriched samples in targeted analytes from … Continue reading

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Biomolecule Detection Using Fluorous Separations

The Yamaguchi group at Fukuoka University has published a new review of their work in biomolecule detection in J. Chromatography B.  They have been focused on the use of fluorescence derivatization and/or fluorous enrichment for the detection of molecules of … Continue reading

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Fluorous Tags and Mass Spectroscopy

The Liu group at the University of North Carolina has been using fluorous tags in the chemoenzymatic synthesis of heparan sulfate, an important oligosaccharide which has been implicated in a variety of biological processes.  The function and effect of heparan … Continue reading

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NIMS and Nimzyme

In 2007, Prof. Gary Siuzdak and co-workers at The Scripps Research Institute introduced Nanostructure-Initiator mass spectrometry(NIMS) as a new surface-based mass analysis method. Just available online is a Analytical Chemistry “Feature” on NIMS describing its attributes, capabilities, and applications, primarily in … Continue reading

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