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Isotope-coded Fluorous PALs

Prof. Qisheng Zhang at UNC-Chapel Hill has published several papers about the synthesis and use of fluorous tagged photoaffinity labels (PALs) and has just published another report in Chemical Communications.  The general strategy is to attach a photosensitive reactive group … Continue reading

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Using Fluorous Tags to Mass Differentiate Stereospecific Reactions

Trent Northen and co-workers have been using fluorous immobilization in conjunction with nanostructure initiated mass spec (NIMS) in a number of different applications.  Dr. Northen was one of the inventors of NIMS while working in Gary Siuzdak’s labs at The … Continue reading

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Automated Synthesis of Oligosaccharides

The automated synthesis of oligosachharides is a topic that we’ve devoted quite a bit of time on here at F-Blog.  This is largely due to the efforts of Prof. Nicola Pohl’s group who have pioneered the use of fluorous tags … Continue reading

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Fluorous Tags for Immobilization

As the regular reader of F-Blog knows, fluorous tags can be used for purification, enrichment, and immobilization.  Of those three areas fluorous immobilization is the newest and probably the least established at this point.  While there has been plenty of … Continue reading

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PTFE Immobilization of Fluorous Tagged Oligosaccharides

A very interesting paper with Prof. Mamoru Mizuno as the corresponding author is now available as an accepted manuscript in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters.  The work presented is the recognition of influenza virus by oligosaccharides immobilized on a polytetrafluoroethylene … Continue reading

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