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Visual Monitoring of Fluorous Solid Phase Extraction (FSPE)

The fluorous solid-phase extraction (FSPE) process is a very robust and  general process.  It’s utility and applicability have been demonstrated over a range of substrates and molecular classes.  One of the great things is the ease of operation.  One wash … Continue reading

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Isotope-coded Fluorous PALs

Prof. Qisheng Zhang at UNC-Chapel Hill has published several papers about the synthesis and use of fluorous tagged photoaffinity labels (PALs) and has just published another report in Chemical Communications.  The general strategy is to attach a photosensitive reactive group … Continue reading

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Using Fluorous Tags to Mass Differentiate Stereospecific Reactions

Trent Northen and co-workers have been using fluorous immobilization in conjunction with nanostructure initiated mass spec (NIMS) in a number of different applications.  Dr. Northen was one of the inventors of NIMS while working in Gary Siuzdak’s labs at The … Continue reading

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Perfluoropolyethers as Fluorous Tags

For the most part fluorous domains used in fluorous biphasic systems have been linear perfluoroalkyls, such as perfluorooctyl moieties.  Branched perfluoralkyls such as perfluorinated t-butyl groups have also been used as tags to facilitate fluorous based separations.  In the 2004 … Continue reading

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Fluorous Supported Synthesis of Teichoic Acid Fragments

Oligonucleotides, proteins, peptides, and carbohydrates are the best known biopolymers and one doesn’t have to explain how important each is to a number of biological functions.  The synthesis of these materials, or segments of them, are important in order to … Continue reading

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