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Fluorous Proteomics & Metabolomics


N-[(3-perfluoroalkyl)propyl] iodoacetamide   



N-Succinimidyl 3-perfluoroalkylpropionate   




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The seminal publication in this field was published by Peters et al from the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation in 2005 and describes the use of fluorous bioreagents in proteomics.  Within that publication they described fluorous reagents for Cys tagging, fluorous thiols for phosphoproteome analysis, and fluorous NHS esters for amine tagging, all of which are available from FTI.  Since that publication, FTI has extended the line of bioreagents to include products for carbonyl tagging and click chemistry.  In addition, FTI can now provide the FluoroFlash® silica gel used for the enrichment in convenient pipette form, in pre-packed micro LC format, or in loose bulk format for those who prefer to pack their separation media.  


Fluorous Technologies, Inc. has continuing research efforts to develop new reagents and tools for proteomics and metabolomics including those for quantitative analysis.

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N-Succinimidyl 3-perfluoroalkylpropionate
C4F9 N-Succinimidyl 3-perfluorobutylpropionate C11H8F9NO4 BR009175-0050 50mg Inquire
    FW:  389.18 BR009175-0100 100mg Inquire
C6F13 N-Succinimidyl 3-perfluorohexylpropionate C13H8F13NO4 BR013175-0050 50mg Inquire
    FW:  489.18 BR013175-0100 100mg Inquire
C8F17 N-Succinimidyl 3-perfluorooctylpropionate C15H8F17NO4 BR017175-0050 50mg Inquire
    FW:  589.21 BR017175-0100 100mg Inquire