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Fluorous Separations

Separate Molecules with Simple Protocols

Chemical separations are at the heart of the Fluorous Technology platform. With simple protocols for the separation of fluorous molecules from non-fluorous molecules using fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE) or fluorous liquid-liquid extraction (FLLE), we're sure that you'll agree that it's easy to purify reaction mixtures with Fluorous. Fluorous HPLC offers the greatest resolving power.

Selective Partioning into the Orthogonal Fluorous Phase

The basis of fluorous separations is the orthogonal nature of the fluorous phase. Fluorous molecules are both hydrophobic and lipophobic and selectively partition into a fluorous phase. This can be a solid, like FluoroFlash silica gel, or a fluorous solvent.

Purify Synthetic Reaction Mixtures and Enrich Complex Biological Samples

With fluorous separations you can easily purify small molecule libraries, remove unwanted deletion sequences, and enrich complex biological samples for targeted molecules.